Event Center

Make your business or social event a success and host it in style at Polygraphia Office Center. Our Event Center is the perfect environment to share ideas and connect. Enjoy contemporary architectural design and exquisite atmosphere. Polygraphia’s Event Center offers two conference halls with capacity from 20 to 150 seats depending on the type of arrangement. These two cozy and dynamic meeting spots are perfect for your next venue, provided with state of modern technology, comfortable furniture and art lightening. We have carefully selected the perfect touch to any conference and training spacing, and that would be the special designed, flexible, multi-purpose, simple and intelligent furniture by WIESNER-HAGER. The technical equipment is powered by JBL, the world’s leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of professional loudspeakers and studio monitors for musicians, contracting, tours, cinema and recording & broadcasting applications.

Choose from multiple seating arrangements in our two meeting spaces and make the most of our catering services. Contact our dedicated Event team to discuss your requirements today.

Theatre  – classic meeting room layout that allows for optimal space occupancy with no obscured views.

Classroom  – this style reflects the seating found in a school or lecture theatre, with chairs and trestle tables aligned in consecutive straight rows.

Herringbone – a seating style very similar to Classroom, however each consecutive row of chairs and tables are angled inwards.

U Shape – as the name suggests this style is in the shape of the letter U, with the tables & chairs arranged in an open ended configuration with the audience facing inwards.

Horse Shoe – this style is very similar to U Shape, however there are no tables, only chairs arranged in an open ended configuration with the audience facing inwards.

Hollow Square – a style similar to U Shape, however there are four sides and no open end, with the audience all facing inwards.

Boardroom – a smaller version of the Hollow Square or U Shape, however there is a large elongated table, with the audience all facing inwards.

Banquet – this style is similar to a round dinner table, with the audience seated around the circumference facing inwards.

Cabaret – similar to Banquet style, however there is an open end, with the audience seated in an arc facing forwards.

Cocktail – the tables are carefully scattered across the room or an outdoor arena and they normally provide support and placing of the cocktail drinks and snacks.